The Songs of Light is an organization created to teach  individuals about healing and metaphysics. We give workshops on meditation, healing and spiritual studies. The founder, Yolanda Sing is a licensed Minister and Metaphysician. She is a Healer and a member of the Sound Healers Association (SHA).

Oneness Blessing : The Oneness Blessing experience is a non-denominational, non-religious and yet profound process of transferring Divine Energy to help you raise your level of consciousness.Receive the peace and grace of the Oneness Blessing and contribute to the shift in human consciousness as we move from suffering to healing and unconditional Love. Experience a quieting of the mind, listening with the heart and being present in the moment.

Reiki: Japanese healing method rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the early 1800’s. Universal energy flows through the Healer to the client’s body  clearing all blockages that may restrict the body’s natural health and  balance. The blocks can cause sickness, disease or pain. Reiki assists with the healing process of any medical treatment.

Magnified Healing: Created in 1992 under the influence of Lady Kwan Yin. The Magnified Healing method heals the spine and releases all negative energies throughout the body. The spine is the main vertical power current. By healing the spine, you heal disorders of the body. It heals karma and balances the chakras.

Tone Healing: By toning the  sounds of the universe, our mental, physical and spiritual body can be healed of all unwanted pain, sickness or emotional trauma. It consists of healing toning and meditation.

Metaphysical lessons: Learn how to manifest your needs and desires. Find out your spiritual abilities.