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On July 30, 2015, I gave an Animal Totem workshop at Theresa Story’s home. This time the group and I honored Cecil, the lion that was killed by a hunter in Zimbabwe. A Dentist/hunter from Minnesota went to Zimbabwe wildlife reserve, to kill a Lion, Cecil. The Dentist wanted to use the lion’s head as a trophy. What he did was illegal. The lion was an icon and loved by tourists and was protected by the wildlife reserve. He wore a collar and was being watched by Scientists. Cecil got along well with people and let tourists take pictures of him. So why are people killing innocent animals? Animals are the most innocent creatures on Earth. Animals kill for protection, fear or survival. The hunters kill for sport or ego. Animal totems are loving animal spirits. Now I will tell you how I came to know about animal spirits or totems. Years ago, while shopping in a bookstore, I saw a book called Animal spirits. I asked myself if there really are animal spirits. Then I continued shopping without giving it a second thought. A few days later, while I was asleep, I woke up to this heaviness on my body and chest. It was a leopard animal spirit. I couldn’t see it in the dark but I felt it’s paws on my legs and chest. I was petrified. I was so scared that I couldn’t move or breathe or scream out. Then it left. When I woke up the next morning, I realized the leopard came to me to let me know that there are animal spirits! It came to answer the question I asked myself in the bookstore a few days before. I started studying books on animal spirits. Then I met my friend, Liz Younghans. Liz channels pleiadian energy through the White Buffalo woman(Native American legend). Liz gives workshops on soul growth using shamanic techniques.That is when I became more aware of my animal totems. When I became more of aware of animal totems I had animal spirits come to me. One was a wolf. Another was a bear, lion and deer. All at different times. My most recent animal spirits that came to me is a dog and mouse. Animal totems are animal spirit guides that are with us in our lifetime to help us. You can find out what your animal totem is at this time when you take an Animal totem workshop. I give Animal totem workshops throughout the year.

Yolanda Sing

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