Release the old and accept the Good

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On Monday, January 27, 2014, I gave a meditation workshop to release old negative thoughts and energies and accept all the good that is here for us now. The lesson began with learning how to bring ourselves back to our center. If you feel out of balance or flighty or forgetful, fearful, etc., place your attention on the pillar that extends from above your head through your spine down into the earth. Inhale golden energy through the pillar starting with the top of your head down through your seat and into the ground. At the same time feel the energy coming up from the ground to the top of your head. While you do the exercise, place your attention on your heart center.

The meditation on releasing the old negative energies had everyone in the room in sync. Towards the end of the meditation, we all felt a spiral of light surrounding us and continuously circulating around us as it cleared all negative unwanted energies from our life. We ended with the meditation on accepting the good that is here for us. During this meditation, we opened our hearts to receive. It was a beautiful experience for us all.

The meditations and healings that I give is not coming from me. It’s coming from the One source, God the divine or what ever name you use. It gives us what ever healing we need at the time. This beautiful loving, peaceful energy is always here for us. Thank God!

Yolanda Sing

Licensed Minister, Metaphysician, Healer



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