The Wheel of Dharma

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I am writing about the Wheel of Dharma at this time because I received a message from the Divine to share it for all to see. The message came to me twice within the past two days. A couple of days ago I clicked on the Oneness university link from my friend’s email. I wanted to get information. A spinning Dharma wheel came up. I was wondering what was going on and immediately closed the link to start over again. Yesterday, as I turned on my laptop computer, a picture of the Dharma wheel popped up on the screen. I was thinking “I didn’t open any files on the Dharma wheel. This is a miracle. My Divine wants me to see this for myself and to share with others. I was intending to write about the Dharma wheel in September but I never got around to it. So here is my experience: On September 16, 2016, I gave a Sound Healing workshop at my house. I lead the group to tone different sounds and I played the tibetan bowls. During one of the healing meditations, I saw a golden wheel continuously spinning around all of us in the group. The energy in the room was strong and beautiful. Everyone had different visions during the meditation. The next day I looked on Google to find out the meaning of this golden spinning wheel. That’s when I learned about the Wheel of Dharma. The Wheel of Dharma or the Dharmachakra in sanskrit is the symbol for Buddhism and came from the Buddah’s teachings. The eight spokes in the wheel represents the eight fold path to nirvana. It is one of Buddha’s four Noble Truths. It is taught in Buddhism, Janism and Hinduism. Buddhism teaches us to become free from suffering. Buddha is symbolic of Awakening.

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