To God be the Glory

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On Thursday, July 17th, 2014, I gave a workshop on Divine Light healing and meditation. After each of us practiced the Divine Light healing on each other, we discussed our experience. After the workshop was over, one of the attendees, Michael said that my energy draws people to me and that’s why people attend my workshops. But that’s not the only reason people attend my workshops. People take my workshops because I teach them what God does for us. The teachings, meditation and healings relate to God. I wouldn’t have met the teachers, guides and experiences that I have had, without God’s guidance. I wouldn’t have had the healings that I’ve had and continue to have, without God. When we heal someone else we are being a channel for God.

I live work, think and teach for God’s Glory. Not mine. My greatest desire is that God be glorified in my teaching and in my living.

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